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I am a Type 2 Diabetic and my father was Type 1 since he was a kid.

He has passed and so has my sister. Me and my brother are diabetic and my youngest sister is not (as far as I know).

I turned 60 in August and had diabetes since I was 40. It is controlled.

I am on oral meds for my breakfast and lunch meals and a shot for my evening meal. I have a thyroid condition and high cholesterol, on meds for those too.

There was not a big reaction when I told my kids because they knew of my father’s condition and they knew I was good with my diet before, I was never big on sweets then.

But when I found I was diabetic I had to cut more carbs told them and they understood and even watched what I was eating and sometimes they would ask for something for dinner that I could not eat and felt bad for asking but made it for them anyway, then made something for myself.

That was not a problem. Some food, especially if I cook Oriental food I would sub the sugar for a sugar substitute and for the rice would use brown or sub for vegetables. It was no problem because I love vegetables.

There are times that I don’t take my diabetes meds if I had no carbs otherwise my sugar would drop too low and would have to eat or drink something to bring it back up.

I have a friend that had that problem and I told him if he was going to be active or did not eat enough carbs for that meal don’t take it. He said that he was getting dizzy and had to eat something to bring it back up and he is trying to lose weight and it wasn’t helping.

What motivates me is to live longer than my father (who passed at 69) so I can enjoy my grandkids and live long. I like to create new recipes with low to no carbs its fun and some of my friends and family like them too and have asked me to make it again.

What is the biggest influence in the happiness in your life? Share to show your Support! 

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