Effects of Diabetes on Mental Health


People often think that diabetes is a physical condition only where they are supposed to keep a sharp eye on their insulin level and other physical activities. In fact, this is totally against the truth, diabetes not only affects our body functions but it also leaves a high impact on our mental health. You know that physical activities are also kept for managing diabetes. Regular exercise helps to control your blood sugar, blood pressure, weight and cholesterol which in return reduce your developing diabetes-related complications.

Diabetes Does Effect Social Life

Diabetes leaves a strong impact on social lives of the diabetic people. Actually, diabetic patients are always told that diabetes is a chronic disease and living with it won’t be easy for them which drags people into different mental problems.

Chances of Dementia in Diabetic Patients

Diabetes affects the mental and social life of patients, especially who are aged because such people easily get tired of their diabetic life and end up with Dementia.

Studies suggest that people having low sugar level and they still contact their doctor have 10% chances to get Dementia.

More than half of the total diabetic patients from all across the world are believed to be mental patients.

There are several symptoms that show the effects of diabetes on mental health. And some top symptoms and types of diabetic mental illnesses are discussed below:


Depression has become very common by this time and more than half of the world population is suffering from it. In diabetic patients, chances of depress increase by 100% and negative thoughts start dominating the mind. Experts are not confident about the reason but they assume that it is a combination of the erratic blood sugar and insulin level that causes such intense depression for diabetic patients. Diabetic patients don’t often accept that they have diabetes and this denial can lead them toward an absolute depression. Here I have got some more mental effects in patients with diabetes:

  • Loss of energy
  • Nervousness/Anxiety
  • Change in Appetite
  • High level of Cortisol
  • Fatigue/Exhaustion exercising

Emotional and Physical Effect

The emotional effect is all about how well you can manage your emotions. You obviously won’t be happy as an individual with the illness and sometimes your emotions can get in the way and overpower you. Actually, diabetes can also result in anxiety that further results in weak emotions and it becomes difficult for the patient to control his/her emotions during their difficult times. In short, diabetes increases your negative thoughts and emotions to the maximum level.

Physical Effect

Psychological Effects of Diabetes

For people with diabetes, managing their emotional health can be as important as keeping their blood sugar under control. The condition requires constant attention else it can trigger feelings of stress and anxiety. Diabetes can also affect patient’s relationship life with their partner so the condition of diabetes should be tackled with great care.

So, don’t always that that diabetes is only in a physical condition. It can trigger a lot of mental problems and life of the affected person can become hard as a rock.

SOURCE: https://beyondtype1.org/diabetes-impacts-mental-health/