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I was taking blood pressure medicine for hypertension for many years. I needed a knee replacement surgery and no Dr. would do the surgery due to my heavy weight and young age.

Living with a lot of excess weight is hard, especially when it comes to a young person. I was dealing with a lot of pressure and a lot of pain because of my excess weight. Sometimes I even felt depressed and thought that I will never be happy again.

After suffering from excruciating pain and my walking and standing ability to decrease to very minimal I finally had a referral for weight loss surgery. After 6 months of dealing with continued HTN, excruciating pain, continued weight gain, decreased the ability to walk or stand then I finally was approved for a gastric sleeve.

In 10 days I lost 27 pounds and was taken off my high blood pressure medicine and my diabetic medicine. In less than 9 months post-op from my gastric sleeve and losing 100 pounds, I was accepted to have my first knee replacement surgery.

I’m now 4 weeks post op from my right knee replacement surgery and 9 months out from my gastric sleeve, lost 120 pounds and doing therapy to regain some of my life back. I owe all of this to Dr. Whiddon in Trinity, Florida.

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